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"A FREE, secure and quick way to receive multiple quotes from reputable companies and agencies for rural heavy hardware,4WD's, Motorbikes and other products."

All Quotes Direct is a Australian family owned and operated business supporting small and large local businesses.

After living in remote and rural Australia for over 25 years and dealing with the frustration of sourcing quotes on materials and products from a range of suppliers and businesses, we established All Quotes Direct.  It started as an idea we thought would be useful for us and  other people not only in the rural industry, but in other industries.  We soon realised how many other people would use a website like this.  Like everyone we were time poor with limited or no mobile service and would spend so much time contacting each business one by one, then waiting for each of their replies.  We wanted to provide a more efficient way to receive quotes without spending numerous hours searching for Business contact details or on the telephone.  All Quotes Direct is a free service enabling customers to submit a quote request out of business hours.  The All Quotes Direct Supplier automatically receives any of the quote requests in the areas they service and can respond directly to the customer

All Quotes Direct supports rural and regional businesses by linking them with a larger customer base and enabling them to build relationships with new and existing customers.


Heidi Smith, Founder of All Quotes Direct, and her family.

Photo by Nathan Dyer



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