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ALL QUOTES DIRECT is an opportunity to build a relationship with new customers and market new products in the areas you service by automatically receiving any of the quote requests in your area for Fencing, Steel, Tanks, Sheds, Pumps, Water Supply & Storage, 4WD'S, Motorbikes and many other products.

Business Membership provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Build a relationship with new customers

  • Receive quote requests for a new product or material you would like to start supplying.

  • Receive contact details & quote requests from new and existing customers in the areas you service.

  • Maintain the customer service & personal contact with your customers by receiving their contact details.

  • Benefit from the FREE Brand & Logo advertising on our website with a link to your website or facebook page.

  • Benefit from our FREE platform for Advertising.

  • Add products you supply to our website and we will do our best to build it in.

  • Benefit from our excellent customer service with support through emailing or ringing us.

  • NOTE:  If you have more than 10 branches we will tailor a supplier membership package that suits your business. Please email All Quotes Direct at info@allquotesdirect .com.au or Phone: 07 47453542                


How it Works

Your new and existing customers will complete a form for free with the products that they would like a quote for.  The customers quote request and contact details will automatically be emailed to you directly from the customer so that you can contact them with a response to the quote request.  

Business Membership is an  annual fee per branch.

To view the areas you would like to quote for please click and view our AREA MAPS.

If you have any questions about Business Membership please contact All Quotes Direct on 07 47453542.

To BECOME A MEMBER or for more information about Membership fees please click on the BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP BUTTON BELOW.

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