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"A free, secure and quick way to receive quotes from multiple suppliers for rural heavy hardware,4WD's, Motorbikes and other products."

All Quotes Direct is an Australian owned and operated company. supporting small and large businesses.

How to use our Website:

  1. Click on Start a Quote OR the material/product you would like from the tool bar or photo's.
  2.  If you clicked on Start a Quote now select the item you would like to receive a price quote for. eg Fencing
  3. Look for the Item Heading eg Pickets, and click in the box Item 1.  The detaills and sizes for pickets or the item you have chosen will appear then complete the details for that item.
  4. If you would like a price quote for a 2nd item for fencing eg Plain Wire. Scroll to the Plain Wire heading and click on the Item 1 Box beside Plain Wire and complete the details for that item.
  5. If there are any items or details not listed that you would like to add just put them in one of the comments boxes relating to that product or down the bottom of the page.
  6. Once you have completed the form scroll down to the bottom and tick the box "I am not a robot"
  7. Click Submit and this will be e-mailed to our reputable Businesses & Suppliers, then wait for the quotes to come to you vial e-mail.

Note: If the form won't submit you have not completed a required detail which will be highlighted in red.  Please scroll up and complete this then press Submit again.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I become a supplier for All Quotes Direct so I can receive the Quote requests from the users of All Quotes Direct?

You can become a member by clicking on Supplier Membership on the Homepage and following the prompts or can contact us.

Are our personal details secure and safe with All Quotes Direct or can anyone access them?  

The "I am not a Robot" at the bottom of each form stops anyone from being able to access your contact details on our system making it completely secure and safe.

Is there a contact phone number for All Quotes Direct?

Yes, the contact details for All Quotes Direct is available on the Contact us page.

There is a product I would like a price quote for that isn't listed on your website?

Please contact us and we will endeavour to list this product/material in the future so you are able to access a quote for it.

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